St. Mary's 

   Reaching out.... and welcoming in.


Come and join us for

Sunday Worship at 10:00 am

using the modern form of service,

    (Book of Alternative Services)

All Welcome!



Events April 22nd - 28th:

Hub Wednesdays - Bible Study, Choir Practise, Free lunch

New Wednesday at 1 pm - watch the movie "The Shack" in the library

on our new big screen TV... and popcorn to boot!

Saturday, Apr. 28th - Tumaini bottle drive and garage sale 10 - 2 pm


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April 15, 2018 – Easter 3 - Acts 3:12-19  Acting out of Ignorance


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Just a little about St. Mary's....

In 1989, Nanoose Bay Mission became St. Mary's Nanoose Bay  when  the little country church of St. Mary's was moved from Errington to  Nanoose Bay and positioned in its present location on the corner of Powder Point and Rowland Roads.

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