Fifty Years a Priest

                                    Caleb J. Lawrence

 Caleb was ordained a priest in St. Edmund's parish on Sunday August 1st, 1965 in Great Whale River, on the east coast of Hudson Bay in Nothern Quebec, which is in the diocese of the Artic.  He had first been in that community in the summer of 1961 as a teenage university student.  As a student minister he was responsible for working with Cree and Inuit members of the community to build a new church, replacing the orginal iron clad stucture which had been supplied from England in the late 1800's.  

Returning to Great Whale River after graduation and ordination as a deacon in early 1965, Caleb spent the next fifteen years ministering to both Cree and Inuit people - historically enemies to one another.  During his years there the parish became completely self-supporting, with strong outreach to meet needs both locally and nationally.

Caleb and Maureen were married in 1966, and their three children were all born in the north and lived there until their move to the Diocese of Moosonee after his election as the eighth Bishop of the Northern Diocese at the end of 1979.  The couple lived in Timmins, Ontario for thirty years until retirement and moved to Nanaimo at beginning of 2010.