Reflections from the Rector

This is an opportunity to share reflections beyond what's possible from the pulpit on Sunday.


Here is a link to an article LETTING GO, LETTING GOD (click on the title) from 6 years ago concerning the prayer practice I am involved with: Centering Prayer.

Here is a link to the article DISMANTLING RACISM (click on title) which was pubished in June on the Diocesan Website.

And here follows a short bio and my contact information: 

The Rev. Selinde (pronounced as rhyming with Belinda) Krayenhoff comes to St. Mary's with a background in community work. She is the co-founder, and former publisher/editor of Island Parent Magazine. In 2001 she started her business Authentic Communication, teaching Nonviolent (or Compassionate) Communication to interested community groups covering such topics as parenting, midlife transition, spirituality, and conflict as opportunity. 

Selinde completed her theological studies at the Vancouver School of Theology in the spring of 2016, and was ordained at the end of May. Selinde's key spiritual practice is Centering Prayer. She is also an avid walker, writer and reader.

Her burning question and passion is: How can we, as church, live into our calling to be the Body of Christ; loving our neighbours, loving God, loving God's creation, and loving ourselves?

My office hours are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

To reach me on my confidential phone line call 250 821-5600.