St. Mary's New Altar Window

- installed September 19th, 2000

Mary Filer has created for us a beautiful coloured glass Altar window to enhance and enrich our newly enlarged and renovated worship area. The window has been made from laminated coloured glass, using a variety of types of antique and textured glass, embellished with sculptural surface treatment with pieces of thick plate glass and 'jewels'.

In her own words, she shared with us her thoughts on the design and the colours...

 "The churches saint is the Virgin Mary.
 Her image creates spirituality, grace, glory and passion.
A certain fluidity in the shapes would be preferable to strictly geometric solution - which may be somewhat rigid and austere in expression.
The present design, nevertheless, is heraldic, and is a radiating focus of light at the top of the composition, then descending into the spiritual, meditative range of blues and purples - also colours of the idea of love and passion.The colours at the lower portion of the design lead the eyes and spirit upwards to the glow of a Heavenly vision, and bliss."

The Rev. Canon Neil Robinson recommended that St. Mary's church invite Mary Filer a respected and honoured artist for five decades to submit a design for our windows. Mary Filer is a highly acclaimed glass artist. The forms she makes are laminations of planar glass, clear and coloured. They attest to a long and deep absorption in painting and architecture; they reveal a unique grasp of spatial order; they assert vigorous, innovative creativity.

Mary Filer has been a respected and honoured artist for five decades. She is an educator, a muralist, a painter, a sculptor, a benefactor, a collector and an inspiration to her peers and generations of Canadian artists.

How fortunate we are at St. Mary's to be blessed by Mary Filer's gifts of artistry and inspiration in her creation of our Altar Windows. Her composition is beautiful and spiritual, and we give thanks to God for the gift of these windows which enhance our church and our worship in this place.

Praise God!