Weekly Notices

Visitors -   Welcome to St. Mary's!   If you would like to add your name  to the parish, please fill out one of the green Welcome Cards and  give it to a sidesperson, warden,  Selinde or bring it to the office during the week.

This week is VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION WEEK; other than a few part time paid employees, St. Mary’s is run by volunteers. Or, are we family members who take care of each other and these beautiful buildings as members of the body of Christ? In any case, many many hours of loving care go into this church community – thanks be to God! 

GET INVOLVED:  We have a joint Bottle Drive and Yard  Sale April 28; 10am-2pm.  NEW:  Tables to rent for only $25. Book by April 23 with KAT in the office.  Please start bringing in our returnables and yard sale items are most welcomed. Volunteers needed for set up & sorting on Friday; Apr 27 for the event on Saturday. Please sign up in the Hall on Sunday. 

Movie Theatre Launch – Wednesday, April 25. Come watch “The Shack” on the new big TV in our library! Popcorn too! 1:00pm. Contribute your suggestions for upcoming movies that inspire, inform and touch the heart.

Parish Directory – This Sunday – April 22 and next Sunday, Phyllis Thompson is bringing her camera to church with her. So if you don’t have a photo to go in the Parish Directory, stay in the church after the service and Phyllis will snap a photo of you. The directory is meant to help connect parishioners with each other so the photos are key to identifying folks.

A second DRAFT of the Directory is available in the Hall after the service so if you haven’t signed off on your personal information, please do!

The Memorial Service for Liv Kennedy, wife of Hugh McIntyre (who is buried here at St. Mary’s) will be on Sunday, April 29 at 2pm. The reception will be held here in the Hall. We need people to help make and serve the coffee and clean up. Please speak to Selinde or Mary Holte. Thank you! 

Empty spaces: Both the roster board outside Selinde’s office (to read, serve, greet, count)  and the flower donation sign up sheet have spaces that you are welcome to fill if you feel so moved. Thank you! 

Electronic Plate – if you want to contribute by electronic plate or if you already do but want to increase your giving, please see Barb W after the service.

Bulbs for Tumaini. Buy your bulbs and support Tumaini.  Forms will be in the Hall. Due in April 15, 2017.

Finances:  Coming soon! A subcommittee of Parish Council is currently preparing a picture of our financial situation to present to the parish in early May. In the meantime, please be assured that we are not in a crisis. Yes, we have a challenge ahead – we have a deficit budget – but we do have money in the bank and people are already responding generously. In fact, over the last 3 Sundays, Sunday giving has gone up! So thank you! Also, as a foretaste of the kind of reporting we are planning in the future: 

Report on the April 16th COMMUNITY DINNER:   Income  $500.45                                                                                                                    Expenses  $273.08                                                                                                                Net Profit  $327.37

Our monthly Community Dinner was super delicious and was again a resounding success due to all the dedication and hard work from our volunteers.  99 people came through our doors. MANY THANKS!

Special Parish Council meeting on Wednesday April 25 at 11:45am in the Library. Time noted incorrectly in minutes, early start because of movie launch. 

Saturday May 5th  8:30am – 3:00pm – The Community of Learning is coming to St. Mary’s!! And it’s free. This is the 2nd event of the new Lay School that has been established by the Bishop to support the laity in the diocese. The focus for the day is Conflict: Language and Resolution. There are 6 presenters (from UVic, Royal Roads, Diocese of Calgary among others) and your own priest is one of them. Sign up on the Diocesan website or speak to Selinde.

HUB Lunch – Check out the sign-up sheet for HUB Lunch in the Hall after the service on Sunday. We are going to formalize the bringing of soup and dessert; as well as the prep and  clean-up.The sign-up sheet will be at the HUB Lunch on this coming Wednesday as well.  

Check out the poster for the first event of the newly established Community of Learning. Selinde will be one of the workshop leaders. The “school” will be held on March 10th in Esquimalt and on May 5th here at St. Mary’s. The focus for this module  is “Conflict: Language and Resolution” offering insights and skills that will be helpful for anyone who is part of a parish and inevitably confronted with difficult situations. 

Prayer Circle – If you have a prayer request, please send it directly to Sher at smchycoski@gmail.com.  Contact Selinde if you would like to serve on the Prayer Circle as someone who is willing to pray for those requesting prayer. 

MUSIC SUGGESTION BEAR – Do you have a hymn you would love to have sung in church on a Sunday? Drop your recommendation in the Music Suggestion Bear on Margaret’s piano. If it’s not in our Common Praise hymn book, please either leave your name or the music on your suggestion card. The Music Team will do their best to incorporate your choice into the liturgy. We can’t promise, but we’ll do our best! Thank you.  

Memorial Garden -  If you are interested in purchasing a plot,  please contact the office for information.  


Tumaini  -  Tumaini Crafters meet on the third Wednesday  of each m onth in the hall  (1:30-4:00pm) to sew and knit clothing,  blankets and personal care kits for girls  in support of the children  & poor families in Kagera, Tanzania. All Welcome!

Precious Jewels   Please continue to pray for this special ministry working with children in The Philippines and Africa.   

Nanoose Community Services   Housed at St. Mary's, supporting Nanoose residents. Anyone in need of assistance - the contact number is 250 468-9888.

PWRDF - Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. This is our outreach as the National Church, working around the world to relieve suffering and promote justice, health and well-being.

Free Monthly Community Dinner. Every 4th Monday of the month from 4-6pm in the Church Hall. Everyone welcome to a lovely, sit-down meal.